Taking care of our customers is a top priority here at Cornelius Motor Works.  We aim to provide each and every customer the time and attention required to properly address both our customer's needs balanced with their car care needs.  We listen and work together with you so that each visit is welcoming and stress free.  

Here's what some of our customer's have had to say about us!

As a woman, finding a reliable and trustworthy mechanic has been a challenge. After having a bad experience with my previous mechanic, I was beyond thrilled to find Cornelius! He is truly a gem and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He always attends to my car’s needs quickly and professionally - for which I am so very grateful. Cornelius is a definite keeper!
— Kelly
I was new to the area and when my brakes started making a funny noise, a friend recommended I call Cornelius. He found the problem, explained it, and fixed it. Now he always services my car—he’s smart, honest, reasonable and responsive. I don’t feel I have to go to the dealer even though my car is fairly new—Cornelius will always be sure everything is in good order, and if something goes wrong, he’ll make time to fix it. I recommend him very highly!
— Heidi
Cornelius is honest, efficient and extremely genuine - hands down best mechanic I’ve ever had!
— Paula