Do you accept Credit Cards?
We happily accept Visa/Mastercard and Discover.

Do you have a waiting area?
We sure do and it's equipped with Free Wifi, Keurig Coffee, spring water and reading material.

Can I just drop off my car?
For anything routine, we prefer you call first.  You can find all the information for contacting us on our CONTACT PAGE.

I'm attached to my car and I like to know what's being done.  Can I see the old parts?
We'll tell/show you as much as you would like to see.  You deserve to know what's being done to your vehicle. 

I need my car towed to you - what do I do?
Burnham's Towing has you covered 24/7.  They are prompt, friendly and will bill us for your tow if you like (It'll appear on your repair invoice).  Call (207)-749-8516 or visit https://www.facebook.com/J-p-burnham-towing-recovery-119260174937865/

I just need my oil changed - is that ok?
Here at Cornelius Motor Works, no job is too small.  Just give a call first and we'll take care of you.

I want premium or dealer parts used when repairing my car.  Can you do this?
We can provide you with genuine OEM parts directly from your car's manufacturer as well as many premium aftermarket brands, so using premium or dealer parts is not a problem.

My car is brand new.  Can you work on it?
Absolutely.  And if anything you want done may void your warranty, we will let you know beforehand.
My car is old or VERY old.  Can/will you work on it?
In most cases, yes.  We have extensive experience with carburetors and other systems found on older vehicles.

How much do estimates cost?  My car needs a few specific things.  
Estimates are free!  Diagnostic/electrical work is by the hour.
What's your hourly rate?

What's your minimum labor charge?
Minimum labor charge is 1/2 hour.  Check engine light scans/ecm resets are $35