Growing up on an island in Maine, I was surrounded by boat motors, mowers and *ahem* island cars that needed repair.  I started a mowing business at the age of 10 and by 12, I bought a boat with my own money.  Shortly after that, my father taught me how to fix-up an antique boat engine for my craft.  I soon became known on the island and I started fixing other peoples' boat engines and mowers - by the age of 15, I started fixing cars. 

Since then, my passion for learning has led me to apprentice with mechanics, machinists, and shop managers throughout the Greater Portland area.  I have become good friends with these members of the community and they were critical to where I am now.  They saw that my passion was firmly rooted and encouraged me to follow my heart and start a business of my own.  At age 20 I had a core niche group of customers and one could find me rain or shine fixing their cars in the parking lot of my apartment.

By the time I was 22, I rented my first shop space and officially became a business owner.  I embarked on the adventure with a core set of rules for myself, many of which I gleaned from my mentors - "Don't look back", "Keep moving forward no matter what", "Do the very best you can", and "Tell the truth even if it isn't pretty". These core principles continue to guide both the way I conduct myself and my business, which steadily grows and allows me support my community in a beneficial way.